We know fashion is clothes, but did you know fashion has a bigger cost?

The worlds most polluted river, the Aral Sea, our loss of water and damaged crops and animals, fashion is the cause of all of it. Read here for more information about how fashion is destroying our beautiful planet.

The Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a major problem. After the new trend is over,  the clothes get burned, if the clothes are lucky, they get donated. If we continue with this, our earth will end up with billions of unused fashion.             

The Cotton

Lovely, lovely cotton.

Cotton is one of the biggest problems. It gets taken to the cotton farms, then it gets in the clothes. The horrifying truth is that most of it gets burned. Cotton also included child labour, where eleven children got murdered. Cotton also also wiped out most of the Aral Sea, which used to be the worlds fourth most largest lake in the world, know, a third out it remains!

The Aral sea, from then to know…

The River Citarum

Citizens, bathing in the Citarum.

The River Citarum is Indonesia’s most polluted waterway. Family members rely on the Citarum’s water to survive. This is bad, as the Citarum contains chemicals like arsenic, lead and mercury in it’s water. Mercury can damage the brain, lead can lower IQ levels (intelligence levels) and arsenic is poisonous. The citizens use the water for baths, drinking water and putting on their foods. The people of Indonesia need to help these poor people. The shocking truth is tat over 50 factories near the Citarum are using it at a sewer, dumping these chemicals and unused fashion in the waters.

The Pesticides

Pesticides are a big problem, especially since there are so many, like DDT, sulphur, algaecides and rotenone. Three more main pesticides are fungicides, which harms unwanted fungi, insecticides harms animals and herbicides, which harms unwanted weeds. The suffix: -cides originates from latin meaning: to kill. Farmers are spraying these pesticides on their field, harming animals and plants which were not meant to be harmed. If farmers do not take heed soon, it could wipe out their entire field, and cash.

The Water

Water may not seem like a problem, but is is. Almost two and a half years of drinking water is used for a single adult sized T-shirt, image all the billions of garments, we could spend at least 10 centuries worth of drinking water…

What we could do

Now you have learned about the Citarum River, the pesticides, cotton and the Aral Sea, you might be thinking what you could do to help the situation. Well, you could start by buying clothes that often, if you buy clothes regularly, try buying clothes once a week. Another thing you can do to help is buying 50% cotton clothes, instead of 100% clothes, or maybe not buy cotton clothes that often. Last but not least, you could think of your own ideas to help Fashion’s dangerous catastrophe.

By V


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