Fashion destroys our world. It is the second most cause of pollution on the planet. These are the resources that make so much damage to our environment: Cotton, Pesticides, Toxic Chemicals, Rivers, Waste, Fast Fashion, Dyes and Polyester.


People may think that there is nothing wrong with cotton. People may also like wearing clothes BUT people don’t know the damage they are doing to the environment. Most clothes are made with some fibres like polyester and cotton. Cotton needs lot of water to grow and polyester needs at the moment a declining amount of oil and gas.The main idea behind sustainable materials is that they are less damaging to the environment. Also cotton takes up to millions and gallons of water everyday. To make a single t-shirt, it can take up to 2,700 litres of water and add a pair of jeans it is 49 years of drinking water! As a result it nearly wiped out the whole of the Aral Sea which was once the size of England! Now its just a small lake in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Polluted river full of waste


Pesticides have been used for the last 4,500 years and have been deadly to the environment . They are used to make farmers products look better and keep organisms and bugs off the plants and food although they do not taste as nice and are unhealthy for humans. They are full of toxic chemicals.


A lot of clothes are put to waste in the UK, mainly because of fast fashion . Many garments are bought but not used or taken to landfill that basically means what high street brands are making is just going to waste . So what shops are getting money but all that’s happening is that the clothes are going to trash. 2.12 billion tonnes of waste gets wasted each year. 0.4 of food never gets eaten by humans without pesticides. Waste is in nearly all of the polluted rivers. For instance the Citarum river is full of waste.

Rivers and Factories

The Citarum river is being polluted by lots of big shops like ASOS, GAP, H&M and ZARA. Scientists have found led, heavy metals, mercury and even arsenic. Millions of people suffer from untreatable illnesses. Their parents buy gallons of fresh water for their children so they don’t suffer as much as them. The army is having to clean up the mess , people have been getting skin and neurological problems . A group of people are trying to stop the factories, but they just got denied so they blocked all the toxic pipes with concrete.


Coloured dyes are still a problem even with organically grown cotton. Dyes are basically toxic chemicals, as a result it is very bad for the environment and it is a waste of money because many of the things are not sold and goes to waste.

Coloured dyes is a big problem 

People who are trying to save the world

There are some people who are trying to stop this problem , take Stacey Dooley and Stella Mcartney . Stacey Dooley has made a very interesting documentary called Fashion’s Dirty Secrets and as for Stella Mcartney she is trying to find a eco-friendly way to make clothes . They are both good examples of people trying to save the world.

Fast Fashion

What is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is when you’ve got the latest trend even if you’ve got last weeks you can get this weeks trend at a low price. As a result you have so many clothes you don’t use them. This is what makes so much damage.

I hope you learned a lot and have been fascinated.


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