Fashion’s fight

fashion is the worlds fastest growing problem, nearly overtaking most other pollutants it has the title of the second biggest polluter in the world!

cotton production is a serious problem. The cotton is picked by poorly payed workers the worker risk their lives spraying pesticides on the cotton. cotton is the most unnatural crop

Indonesia is a big manufacturer for company’s like H&M and Next. But the factory’s are breaking the law.Every day the factory’s release hundreds of toxic spills are released in to the river. A testing of the water shows that the water contains heavy metals like Lead, arsenic and mercury, sadly many people rely on the water to drink even worse for some people it is their only source of water also by the time the water is out of the river it is hot bubbly and purple

When fashion is disposed of 15% of clothes are put to good use in Africa and poorer places the other 85% goes into landfill also only 10% of clothes actually get bought of the shop in a year the rest get burnt

The Environmental protection agency estimate that 15.1 million tonnes of textile waste went into landfill in 2016 also more than 26 billion pounds went into landfill in just the USA & Canada alone here are 6 reasons why you should throw less of your clothes away

1.Every time a few garments it costs your town or city money. 2. 95% of used fabric can be reused. 3. taking clothes to landfill is bad for the environment but if you take your clothes to donation centers it helps your local community and environment.

clothes banks are in most towns and villages

4. the apparent fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world after oil. 5. clothes,when put in landfill release many different poisonous chemicals in to the already polluted air.6. it takes more energy to make a pair of brand new pair of jeans than to leave all the electricity on all night and lights

landfill can poison many things
buildings with lights on cause light pollution

chemical are a contributing factor of garment pollution because many clothes contain chemicals like Formaldehyde, carslic soda, sulfric acid and halogen all of these chemicals are toxic and poisonous.

colored dyes are still a problem because the disposal of these dyes can kill

Manufactures are aware of the problems of dies and are trying to invent solutions that are 100% natural

globalisation is another huge problem of fashions rampage. One design can be over in a week to a month .A lot of people are involved in making a thing that will only end up in landfill here are 3 reasons why globalisation is so bad 1. for example globalisation uses up rare resources quicker than than coal in china even though it has reson by 0.4-2.3

2. globalisation increases carbon dioxide pollution. carbon dioxide pollution has increased by 20 billion metric tonnes from 1965-2010

3. globalisation makes it nearly impossible for one not to see the problems of our actions.


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