Do clothes cost more than money?

Our clothes have a harmful story behind them.  Clothes are made by factories which are polluting rivers and other bodies of water like the Aral Sea and Citarum river in Indonesia.

Water and Pesticides  

It takes about 2,700 litres to grow the cotton

for one t-shirt. Pesticides are used for killing other life that threatens the farmer’s crops.


When you discard your clothes they go into landfill.  This is when lots of discarded clothes are left in one place developing the name landfill. Landfills have the potential to create a number of issues. Waste is confined to small piles so the volume does not get to high if it does then it might explode. Some pipes have been  built to lower the risk of the waste exploding.


It is not rare in cotton and other natural fabrics including anything that has been dyed or printed. Dyes are highly dangerous and may be found in many items of clothing.  They are dangerous because they pollute our environment.  Coloured dyes are a major problem due to the mixing of colours, even with naturally grown cotton. When dyes are used and disposed of thety have harmful effects on the environment. Manufactures are aware of these worries and are advancing in new methods.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is creating a vile impact on our planet. When you buy your clothes you kill about 1 person, imagine if you were to buy the latest trends every week you would kill about 52 people a year and 520 people a decade. When you rush though out the shops don’t buy what looks good check the label.

                                                   By O


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