YOUR LIFE LIVING WITH CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clothing is bad for nature and people. people are being killed from the suff we wear ever day we will dry up the Aral sea


The Aral Sea Has Been Drying Up Because H&M And Gap Are Using The Water To Add To Their Clothes This Year. The Water Is Going To Be Drunk By Loads Of People And Will Be Used To Cook As Well. The Aral Sea Is An Amazing Place In The World But If We Keep Using The Water Then It Will Be Disapeared. The seas are getting dryed up because the cotton is getting put in to the sea and plastic is hunting in the fish and coral and the sea in maybe cost your lives and pets .( sew we need to stop buying clothes with cotton sew we can save the inviorment and you .BY SUMMER CARPENTER


Fashion’s Deadly Environmental Impact

You may think that fashion does absolutely nothing to our universe today, but that’s not even the start they have been able to kill lives. The true cost of fashion can be hidden because of the truth.

The Aral Sea

   It takes forty years to destroy the Aral Sea, how long will it take for the rest of the sea to catch. The Aral sea is a water management disaster in the Soviet Union. The Aral Sea is disappearing because of our pull to fashion.                                                                                                                                     

cottons problems

Cotton is the most widespread profitable Non-food crop in the world to this day. Cotton is one of the biggest fabrics That people go crazy for. We can Waste 49 years’ worth of water. Cottons production provides an Income for more than 250 million People worldwide and employs almost 7% of all labor in developing countries.

How do fashion factories get involved?

Water pollution, toxic chemicals and textile waste: can come from the fashion factories which don’t always try and help the waters affects to this day. Will we learn to stop water pollution for our heath.

                             How did the Citarum river become polluted?

Land fill sites

The Citarum river was clogged with with domestic waste, and contamanated by harmful chemicals. Its has been the most polluted river in the world. The river citarum is forty miles east of Jakarta Indonesia, the river citarum runs over 186 miles from the wang mountain. if that water came from the mountain it has been able to go through alot of pollution before it can reach our water supplies.

Land fill sites can hold up to six out of ten of our cloths each year altogether that adds up to 140, 000 million on cloths each year. Globally, 80% of discarded textiles are will and can be doomed to end up in our land fill sites or can end up in the exterminater.

These land fill sites can end up with beautiful cloths

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a product that comes goes quickly, sometimes it does not even last a season before being dumped or burned. to some fast fashion is great to others it goes horrible wrong.


At pangaia they have come up with a new idea that they don’t just need cotton instead they use something called seaweed wool. which I believe will try to help the future.


A pesticide is a chemical that helps get rid of bugs to help crops and cotton grow better. we have been using cotton since the 1940’s and now its has become a very big killer liquid. There has been a couple of deaths on cotton farms with young children being forced to work.

by Isabella, age 10


Fashion destroys our world. It is the second most polluted item on the planet. These are the items that make so much damage to the environment in fashion: Cotton, Pesticide, Rivers, Waste, Fast fashion

The polluted river in Indonesia called the Citarum river it is the second most polluted river in the world and scientist found mercury, heavy metal and even arsenic

Cotton takes up millions of gallons of water every day. To make a single T-shirt could take up to 2,700 liters of water and add a pair of jeans it could take up to 49 years of drinking water! As a result it nearly wiped out nearly the whole of the Aral sea now it is only a small lake that the government tries to protect.

Pesticide have been been used for the last 4,500 years, and have been deadly to the environment. They are used to make their products look better and keep the bugs off. Although, they don’t taste as nice and are unhealthy for you as they are full of Toxic chemicals.


As shown in Stacey Dooley’s ” fashion’s dirty secrets ” , the citarum river is the second most polluted river in Indonesia and the world! Millions of people surfer from untreatable illnesses. Their parents buy gallons of fresh water for their children so they don’t suffer the same way.


Did you know that 2.12 billion tones of waste are dumped globally each year and 99% of stuff we buy is trashed within 6 month! Waste and unwanted of unusable materials. Waste is a substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless, defective and of no use. 40% of all food never gets eaten by humans with pesticide.

A landfill full of rubbish such as old shoes and shirts

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Fashion, does it cost us something more than just money?

“fashion”; many people think of it in different ways. Some people like it others don’t. How do you think of it? Does the cost of lives come to mind?

This is an example of how high streets are busy so if this is normal guess how busy it can get. 

So where are our clothes really from?

Our clothes have traveled all over the world. Our cotton comes from places like Uzbekistan where labor is used to pick the cotton which has used pesticides to grow. The cotton is then transported to places like Indonesia Where it is sent to the factories to get made into fabric so it is able to become clothes. Afterwards it is sent to places like China to get labeled, tagged and shipped or flown to places like England where us consumers buy those clothes.

World map

Cotton uses a lot of water to grow. The Aral sea was once half the size of England but all that water has been used to grow cotton so there is nothing left of it. It takes 2700 liters of water to make just 1 t-shirt! That’s enough for one person to drink for 2 1/2 years! Pesticides are used in the growing of cotton. Not only are pesticides harmful to animals but they are also harmful to humans and the environment in many ways.

This is an example of how dirty the Citarum river is

The Citarum river is Indonesia’s most dirty water way. Many clothes factories dump their toxic waste in the Citarum river. People use that water for cleaning, washing clothes and even drinking not knowing the water contains lead, mercury and even arsenic.

We could help stop the use pesticides by buying more organic cotton. Another thing we could do to stop putting clothes in landfill is to give our clothes to charity, this helps in 2 ways: 1. they don’t go to landfill 2. people who actually need those clothes can get them

Companies like PANGAIA have found alternates for cotton they use sea weed. Sea weed does not harm the environment as much as cotton does.

If you want to find out more here are some website links you should check out.

By K (aged 10 )

How fashion costs more than money!

For fashion we use cotton and the cotton is bad!

Cotton is extremely harmful to the environment and it takes a ton of water to grow cotton so it can make a whole river dry up.Some people in Indonesia refuse to wash their children in the river so they by a whole new gallon of water just to wash their children.


The aral sea used to have twenty four species of fish but now it has no life or water at all! Its as if the whole river just tipped off the edge of the world! .How will we stop the fashion,it’s taking over the world!!

1989 ARAL SEA!! 2008

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The Aral sea has dried up due to the amount of water that goes into cotton that goes into a pair of jeans or top (etc..etc) . The impact on the environment is impeccable! The negative impact on the environment is astonishing. The Aral Sea is disappearing because the cotton licked the water. Aral Sea was an lake lying between Kazakhstan in the North Uzbekistan in the south. The name roughly translate ”The Aral Sea was once the World’s fourth largest lake home to 24 species of fish and salty and fresh water the lakes bottom has released salts and pesticides into the atmosphere poisoning both farm land and people alike. carcinogenic dust is blown into villages causing throat cancers this beautiful lake is to disappear and gon Aral Sea due to cotton disappeared .Cotton is a little thing but it has caused so many problems!


Pesticides are substances that are the meant to control pests including weeds the term pesticides including are following herbicide incesticides when you using pesticides for fruits and vegetables it looks good but it’s harmful for health it makes health problems because pesticides are a kind of chemical.pesticides are only pesticides are on the toxic substance relations in 10 isolated in the world and Holly want to include some one that killed me instead drugs and I don’t want it toxic substances release intonatilly into our environment to kill weeds incests fungus rodents and others.

Fashion’s dirtiest and darkest secrets

Fast fashion allows consumers to buy more, but there are real dangers from cotton.  Fast fashion has become a hazard to many people and animals who live near the Citarum river in Indonesia and Uzbekistan, where cotton is grown.   

Citarum river

In Indonesia there are over 400 factories, more 200 hundred factories dump there toxic waste into the Citarum River. The polluted water is giving all people who live near the river skin conditions that doctors can’t treat. Every factory has a pipe that pumps out chemicals, which are used in colored dyes. Scientists have found mercury,led and arsenic in the Citarum River and say others have been found. Mercury can damage the brain,led can lower the IQ level and arsenic is poisonous.

catastrophic cotton

Most people think cotton is the most eco-friendly material but Actually that is incorrect ,cotton rely’s on large amounts of water to be able to grow, it can be rain or a other natural source. In Indonesia the Aral sea which had a lovely turquoise color and homed over 24 species of fish has been drained over the last few years by cotton farms it has now become a large lake. As a result the dried sea bed is releasing toxic chemicals and dust causing lung cancer and other issues for people who live near there.

The other problem with cotton is the amount of pesticides used. Pesticides are chemicals that are meant to control pests but pesticides can cause a number of health effects like cancer and they are also flamable and extremly poisonous.

The final problem with cotton is the manual labour used to pick the cotton.In last years harvest 7 people died including a boy who fell asleep arfter helping his mother . Arfter this event the government banned child abuse in cotton picking,but they are continuing to force adults to work.


What pesticides can cause…

  • Alzheimer’s disease that kills brain cells and causes all types of dementia.
  • ADHD
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer

dyes dilemna

 colored dyes are a big issue, even with organically grown cotton. Dyes are toxic chemicals and their use and disposal harm the environment. But organic non toxic dyes are being made and are available now. Colored Cotton is now a problem they are genetically modified to make it colored and as fluffy as possible in other words the die is being “grown on the stem”


In America 10.5 million tons of clothes end up in landfill either to be burnt or left to rot.Most fashion addicts have seasonal wardrobes. When their clothes go out of fashion the clothes are often just dumped in the bin, either to be burnt, releasing greenhouse gases and smoke which helps increase global warming, or left to rot in landfill. A mere 15% of clothes are recycled or donated to charity or friends. Chemicals and dyes from clothes get in to the soil and water where it can harm the environment.  


We must be able to admit to our selfs this is all happening because of our insane amount of consuming clothes.Some of them so cheap at the expenses of people in many countries .They don’t have a choice they have to go to work. They can’t have clean water or pay for food, school and health esentials .So make a differance and act now.

by N.H & E.D(primary school)

Clothes costs money but could they cost something more?

People buy clothes unaware of the impact on the environment it causes.Every year over seventy five million clothes are manufactured,ninety percent of which are burnt or put in landfill.You may not know but the clothes you are wearing could cost forty nine years of drinking water for one person.Please shop responsibly on

Indonesia is a big manufacturer for company’s like H&M and Gap but these factories are breaking the law. Every day hundreds of toxic spills are dropped into the river. A testing of the water shows that the water contains chemicals like Arsenic, lead and mercury. Many people rely on the river for drinking the water, sadly by the time the water reaches the end it is hot purple and bubbling

Even though it is not legal child slavery is still enforced

Clothes are dumped in random places around the world by countries that pay other countries to take their landfill.Help these people by recycling your all your unwanted clothes.By doing this you could save a life.

The journey of a t-shirt.

First the designs are sent to the factories to be made.The conditions there are very bad.It has low pay and most people die.

Then the factory send back the garments based on what the pictures look like.It can take many times to get the t-shirt correct,all the spares get sent to the other countries or get burnt.(see paragraph 1 and 3.